Rent or buy with Bob

Welcome to summer in Chicago! If you are looking to make a change, I’m here to help.

Hello, I’m Bob Copeland. I’ve lived in Chicago since 1982 and love this city. I am a full-service rental and sales broker with Fulton Grace Realty, specializing on the North Side of Chicago. I’ve helped over 300 people uncover their unique version of the perfect city home, and I’d love the opportunity to help you discover yours!

My  rental finding service is no-charge, and requires no contract of any sort. Here are 4 Reasons to let me help you:

  1. I’ll save you hours of wasted time in your search. We’ll zero in today on the right viewings for you based not just on attractive online descriptions and photos, but also on my personal experience and knowledge that come from my helping hundreds of apartment and home searchers and viewing thousands of residences. I’ll ask the right questions to zero in on the home that best fits your lifestyle needs.
  2. I’ll drive you to view your list of apartments or homes. I’ll take you beyond the flat screen and into each apartment or home. You’ll take in the streetscape, the immediate neighborhood and every detail of each dwelling’s interior amenities. You won’t pay a penny for my fuel, parking, or time and expertise.
  3. I’ll help you win the residence of your choice in this competitive Chicago market. Quality listings attract multiple applicants, and even bidding. I’m here to advise you in presenting the right offer in the best light to the owner, and then to work toward a timely, positive response.
  4. I’m backed by the team at Fulton Grace Realty, an Inc 5000 company, and one of Chicago’s most progressive and fastest-growing agencies. We have a constant source of quality, exclusive listings (many of which we manage) as well as MLS listings.

Are you considering buying this time around? Let’s explore this option for you. I’m teamed up with experienced Buyer Agent experts at Fulton Grace Realty. Together, we’ll help you professionally, step-by-step through the buying process.

So how do you get started? Simply call me to discuss your specific needs and to schedule your search. I’m available 7 days a week. Are you searching late at night? To quickly reserve phone consultation and viewing times 24/7, click here: